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Mama Massive is a gathering of incredible women who also happen to be mums.


Our aim is to create a positive, supportive and honest safe space for whomever needs it in whatever way they need.


My original aim when I started MM was to bring mums together that are alike and then physically bring them together at local MM events and workshops.

There is an incredible network of mums on the internet and I want to take that one step further and take away the digital screen and bring back the art of human interaction and friendships in real life and provide a series of safe and fun events where that can happen.


MM has grown into its own amazing entity in its short life so far and every single day, I never know where it’s going to lead us but what I do know is that we are an army of fantastic, beautiful, intelligent and dazzling Mamas all trying to navigate our way through parenthood and support one another.


I want to eliminate the competing and comparing and encourage women supporting other women. Standing together, lifting each other up and picking up fallen soldiers and helping them find their feet again.


I want to create a different movement. 

I want to help empower and unite. 

I want to support and uplift.

I want to start a revolution of positivity and kindness towards yourself and others.


A Mama by herself is powerful but a Mama with a Mama army is even more powerful and no Mama should ever be alone.


I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring 

                                            - David Bowie

Who is behind MM?




I'm Laura, I am 30 and am based in Bristol, I am mama to Ophelia who is almost 4, 2 cats and a roaming musician partner.


My "day job" is working as a Social Media, Marketing, Training & Development Manager for a large, national company.

A little bit about me; I am mostly powered by coffee (an essential part of my life), I am also sleep obsessed, am very passionate about mental health issues and David Bowie is my god.


My background is in Advertising, Social Media, Marketing and Content Creation.


I accidentally founded what is now MAMA MASSIVE in Feb 2018 due to the lack of events in my area of the South West UK and it has grown from there into its own beautiful creation. 


For any questions, queries or PR / Colabs,  please pop me over an email at (this is 100% the best way of getting hold of me rather that DMs) 


Get involved by adding us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or attending one of our many events